Russia Says It Is Considering Putting A Nuclear Power Plant On The Moon With China

Yuri Borisov, the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos, announced on Tuesday that Russia and China are considering a groundbreaking initiative to establish a nuclear power plant on the moon between 2033 and 2035.

Borisov, a former deputy defense minister, revealed that Russia and China have been collaborating on a lunar program, with Russia offering its “nuclear space energy” proficiency for the endeavor. He emphasized the necessity of nuclear power for future lunar settlements, citing the inadequacy of solar panels to meet electricity demands.

The proposed project entails delivering and installing a power unit on the lunar surface in partnership with Chinese counterparts by the mid-2030s. Borisov highlighted the magnitude of the challenge, emphasizing the need for autonomous operation without human intervention.

In addition to the lunar power plant initiative, Borisov disclosed Russian plans to develop a nuclear-powered cargo spaceship. While technical aspects of the project, including propulsion systems, have been addressed, challenges remain in ensuring the safe cooling of the nuclear reactor.

The envisioned space tugboat, powered by a nuclear reactor and high-power turbines, aims to transport sizable payloads between orbits, address space debris, and fulfill various other space applications. Borisov emphasized the versatility and potential of such a spacecraft in advancing space exploration endeavors.

Despite ambitious plans for lunar exploration, the Russian space program has faced setbacks, including the failure of the Luna-25 spacecraft mission last year. However, Moscow remains committed to further lunar missions, with aspirations for joint Russian-China crewed missions and the establishment of a lunar base in the future.

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