Apple May Finally Bring USB Type-C Ports On iPhone With iPhone 15 Models

The European Union has passed a law that requires smartphone manufacturers to keep a common charging port on all mobile phones being sold in Europe.

Apple has stuck to its Lightning port on iPhone throughout, despite calls from users and experts to put a USB Type-C port on the iPhone. However, the new rule introduced in the EU is likely to coerce Apple into bringing a common charging cable for the phone. According to a tipster who goes by the name @LeaksApplePro, the iPhone 15 series will be the first iPhone to come with a USB Type-C port, but only for the Pro models.

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had said earlier this year that Apple iPhone 15 series will be the first time Apple will put a USB Type-C port on the iPhone, either in all or some models. People are speculating that this was said by Apple to align with the new EU rule. However, there have been reports of a type-C Apple iPhone long before the EU rules existed.

Currently, Apple is said to bring the type-C port only on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, but with the new EU rules kicking in in 2024, the company may have to give a type-C port on all models after the iPhone 15 series.

Putting a USB type-C port on all iPhones will be a revenue blow for the Cupertino-based giant since the lightning cables and accessories related to the port make up a huge share of the company’s annual revenues. It is not known if Apple plans to replace the lightning port on other accessories like AirPods with a USB Type-C port.

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