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Apple Fans Are Already Starting To Return Their Vision Pros

Apple Fans Are Starting To Return Their Vision Pros

Amidst the enthusiasm surrounding the Apple Vision Pro, some early adopters encounter unforeseen obstacles, leading to a notable surge in returns and candid feedback on social media platforms.

Among the primary reasons driving returns for the $3,500 Vision Pro headset is discomfort, with users expressing concerns about headaches and motion sickness and the front-heavy design contributing to physical discomfort. Notably, The Verge’s product manager, Parker Ortolani, shared his experience developing a burst blood vessel in his eye, attributing it to prolonged device usage.

The variability of human anatomy poses a challenge in ensuring widespread comfort with wearable technology, a dilemma exacerbated when aiming for mass-market appeal. Besides physical comfort, users lament the perceived lack of productivity offered relative to the high price point. Criticisms range from issues with displaying productivity tools like Figma screens to challenges in multitasking and file management, as highlighted by Carter Gibson, a senior manager at Google.

Furthermore, users express reservations regarding the absence of a compelling application or “killer app” that would justify the device’s retention, emphasizing the importance of seamless integration into daily workflows and entertainment experiences. While some voice intentions to await potential improvements in subsequent iterations, others underscore the need for fundamental enhancements in comfort and functionality rather than solely banking on technological prowess.

The impact of this vocal subset of early adopters on the future trajectory of the Vision Pro remains uncertain. While some express willingness to give future iterations a chance, others stress the significance of addressing comfort and usability concerns to resonate with consumers truly.

Amidst the discourse on social media platforms, the actual return rate and Apple’s internal expectations for the Vision Pro remain opaque, leaving the broader implications of this feedback loop open to interpretation.

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