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SkyWall Launcher Is A New Approach To Taking Down Enemy Drones

SkyWall Launcher Is A New Approach To Taking Down Rogue Drones 2

Taking out rogue drones is gaining traction as quickly as the drone technology itself. British engineering firm, OpenWorks has come up with yet another approach for taking out the drones that are flying in restricted areas via a shoulder-mounted launcher. This launcher, known as SkyWall launcher, is capable of capturing a drone in a net from a distance of 100 meters.

The system utilizes a compressed gas-powered launcher for firing a programmable projectile that deploys itself at the optimal time to net the drone. Once the drone is wrapped up properly in the net, an incorporated parachute ensures that it is brought down to Earth safely.

The gadget uses a SmartScope for aiming the drone. It features a range-finger and inertial measurement unit. This allows the gadget to ascertain the distance and the flight path of the intended target and calculates the trajectory that is required for a direct hit. It even informs the user of a target lock via a continuous beep. If the projectile doesn’t meet the target, the parachute is still deployed and the projectile can then be reused.

The SkyWall launcher is portable and can be used after minimal training. The whole system weighs in at 10kg and can be reloaded within 8 seconds. OpenWorks hasn’t released pricing details but did say that it is cost-effective and shall be available for use by the end of this year.

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