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17 Weird Japanese Gadgets That You Must Have

Japan, the land of rising sun and bizarre products! We have compiled a list of some gadgets that you will only find in Japan and although they might seem embarrassing at first, you will definitely want them once you find out about their utilities.

17. Here’s to solve your back itch: a battlescratch shirt.

16. This banana case is for all the banana lovers out there.

15. These shoe umbrellas cover only the front part of the shoes.

14. This book-shaped pillow is easy to stack in your office shelf.

13. To maximize your captures, this 360 degree camera does the tricks.

12. You can pass time with this bubble wrap keychain.

11. Now you can see what’s inside yours with this simple ear explorer.

10. Isn’t this rain-proof umbrella much better than a raincoat?

9. This chopstick fan is not for me; I’d prefer my noodles hot.

8. This hearing enhancer is just too awkward to wear in public.

7. Who else could have thought of square watermelon until you’ve seen these?

6. I think I can get some help with these cupmen.

5. This sound catcher pillow is indeed one of a kind.

4. A silent karaoke: do you really need one?

3. These eyedrop funnels are really weird.

2. How about an umbrella tie? Just hope it’s not so heavy.

1. You would surely need a butter grater but it’s kinda too big to carry around.