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This Scary Looking Helmet Was Actually A Medieval Invention To Improve Productivity

isolator helmet3

So you think distractions while working are a new thing? Long before Facebook, bloggers or Whatsapp invaded our lives, there still used to distractions since it is in general human nature to cut some slack and almost anything can serve as a distraction in my opinion. Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967) was a Luxembourgish science journalist and innovator based in the USA, who had similar views and went on to make this ridiculous helmet that was supposed to be a productivity improving apparel. Seems a little bit extreme, doesn’t it?

Gernsback was not just a man full of crazy ideas like these. He was a great Science enthusiast who started the World’s first Science magazine that highlighted latest innovations and gadgets of that time so essentially he was a pioneer and encouraged scientific learning and amateur experimentation to make it a household thing. He, along with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author Sherlock Holmes began to write about Science fiction and made a genre out of nothing. Many people have called him the father of science fiction due to his work. He was a tireless promoter of Science and just like any modern innovator, had fits of crazy because of the genius he was.

The isolator is a product of his workaholic creative nature, and obviously, he thought that the surroundings were full of distractions. Instead of training his mind to get to work, he wanted to narrow his vision and reduce the disturbing noises around him to a bare minimum level. He also had the audacity to connect an Oxygen tank so that the sound would be muffled and he had nothing but his work and his isolated mind. Although it seems a bit novel, it may work for the lot of us as we tend to get distracted a lot. However, I suggest the desk should be a smartphone and social media-free zone as well since they are the biggest distractors nowadays! This helmet was just a weird invention that never actually made it into production. It is a testament of human nature to overcome slackness and be more proper.
So would you want one for yourself?

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