Apple Employees Say The Vision Pro 4 Will Be Worth Waiting For

Apple has introduced its Vision Pro headset, hailed for its innovation but also criticized for its current limitations. Members of Apple’s Vision Products Group foresee several generations of development before the device reaches its optimal state, paralleling the iterative evolution seen in products like the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Reviewers, including Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman, acknowledge the headset’s potential while highlighting its shortcomings. Gurman notes issues such as weight, battery life, and the unfinished state of the operating system, suggesting it may take another year to be fully polished.

“For all its strengths, the visionOS operating system suffers from more bugginess than you’d typically expect from an Apple product, even a first-generation one,” he added.

Despite criticisms, industry figures like OpenAI CEO Sam Altman praise the device’s potential, comparing it to the groundbreaking impact of the iPhone’s release in 2007. Financial analysts predict a lower price point for the next iteration, the Vision Pro 2, and foresee future versions evolving into sunglasses-like devices with broader functionalities.

“While many on the Street are dismissing Vision Pro as noise, we strongly disagree,” the firm said.

While some view the Vision Pro as “noise,” others, like Wedbush Securities, emphasize its significance. Business Insider’s Jordan Hart sees promise in the technology but highlights the sparse offerings on its App Store, though she anticipates a surge in app development akin to the early days of the iPhone. “I was disappointed that my searches didn’t yield many results,” she said.

Overall, while Apple’s Vision Pro headset has garnered excitement for its futuristic possibilities, it’s acknowledged that there’s still substantial work to be done to fully realize its potential. With improvements in hardware and software expected in future iterations, the device could reshape how users engage with augmented reality technology.

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