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Has Apple Been Cheating Us With Those Possibly Fake ‘Shot On iPhone’ Ads?

After every six months or so we get to see yet another mesmerizing and artistic “shot on iPhone” ads full of stunning clips that make you want to go and grab one for yourself right away.

Here’s one such ad:

But for people who actually did fall for it, they must have noticed how they are never able to catch such breathtaking visuals despite their repeated attempts and hours spend on amateur photography sites. So, what’s the deal?

Source: Reddit

The story lies in the title card below the ad which reads “additional equipment and software used.” The strategically hidden disclaimer comes at the end of these videos, but is very easy to miss or subconsciously ignore due to the color coding and small time span.

Pic Credits: petapixel

This might come as a shock for the average Joe, but for anyone else who knows the intricate techniques and gears needed for professional photography, this makes a lot of sense. Yes, technically the cinematic advertisement was shot on those phones, but the astounding details were only possible thanks to a crazy amount of extra gear and software that was used to aid the shooting.

Pic Credits: petapixel

The video below by YouTuber Marques Brownlee makes a similar point, where he exposes some of the gear used by the companies to shoot the imagery. From handheld ‘cranes’ which hold and stabilize your phone to attachable external lenses, there is a host of gadgets that can be used to improve phone photography. Brownlee also shows a highly advanced rig followed by some more affordable options, like a DJI Osmo Mobile and some Moment lenses to stop your shaky hands from ruining the imagery and get results somewhat close to those professional grade commercials.

Check it all out below!