This Is How You Can Prevent Apps From Tracking You On iOS 14.5

The new iOS update will take away all your worries of being digitally tracked out of your will.

The new update iOS 14.5 comes with a much-awaited “permission to track” settings, and I’ll bring you today all the steps you need to take for ensuring safe surfing on the web and scrolling applications without receiving creepy ads that AI systems send down on our devices based on our interests and preferences.

Sometimes I think about what magic is this. I just spoke about something, and why is my cell phone showing it to me even when I have not asked. It’s the algorithms that smartly are spying over all our actions.

If I want a cheeseburger and I searched for it on another application, my phone would start showing me all the cheeseburgers from nearby places tempting me to go for it even if I don’t feel like eating it anymore.

The relieving news in the world where ads go round and round is those iPhone users’ will soon see a pop-up message on their devices with the latest iOS update asking for your permission to keep on tracking you. Then it will be entirely up to your own will if you want to see promotional ads or not. A much-awaited update, I’d say.

Facebook notification:

Some of the Facebook users on iPhone might already have received an asking notification where their device seeks permission to track. Those who haven’t gotten it yet don’t panic; it’s on way. The setting is easily reversible if you ever change your mind to get the creepy ads back again.

You know your option based on your experience. Naturally, if you find those ads on Facebook or other applications helpful, you’d chose “Allow,” and in contrast, if you feel uncomfortable with having a continuous watch over your activities, “Ask App, not to Track” is your option to go.

It is like iPhone has made it crystal-clear for its users to choose their preferred option, a feature that previously was not in the users’ hands. Once again, the setting is not only centric to Facebook. The settings could be changed for other applications as well, as they are the equal contributors in showing you ads and selling your data without will to marketers. However, a win for our privacy is that Facebook, Instagram, Shake Shack, and some other applications have already been asking for permissions “to be tracked” limited to iPhone users. And the social platforms are not so very happy from losing all the advertisement-based revenue.

Also, another way is more convenient because it allows selecting an option of your liking once for all the apps. To go this way, you would choose Privacy in Settings, then Privacy, and then turn off “Allow Apps to Request to Track.”

If you accidentally clicked on “Allow” in an application and wanted to choose otherwise, no need to panic. It could always be reverted to your preference by choosing one app at a time in settings, then privacy, and then tracking. This way, the pop-up would appear again, and you could select whatever option you deem fit.

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