Anthouse Is A Brilliant Companion Robot For Your Dog

Most pet owners love their pets as much as their family, and sometimes even more. Bonus points if their pet is a dog, because they sure do get treated like royalties. People buy them $200,000 luxurious mansions like no human has ever seen or even the simple things like a pet monitor or go as far as building a robot car for them. Now you can treat your royalty with a robot companion while you are busy running errands.

Image: Anthouse

The Anthouse is a little tank-like robot that connects to your home Wi-Fi and allows you to control the robot with your Android or iOS phone to track your dog. The app will let you watch your pet through the camera mounted on the front. You can even steer it as per your requirement. You can even shoot still images and videos, and talk to your pet through the built-in speaker.

Image: Anthouse

This Anthouse can also launch tiny tennis balls for your dog to play around. You can even train your dog to bring the balls back to the robot and drop on the chute that would be ready for a relaunch in no time. A port on the side will let you dispense treats for your dog in varying quantities.

Image: Anthouse

An infrared obstacle detection system will keep it from bumping into objects or your pet, and it also returns to the wireless charging station as the battery goes down. If you charge it for four hours only, it will give your Anthouse a running time of 160 to 320 minutes.

The makers of Anthouse are running a Kickstarter campaign where you can pledge $299 for one unit. It’s delivery is expected by December of this year.

What are you waiting for? Order this sooper dooper companion for your dear pet now.

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