Andromium Can Transform Your Smartphone Into A Working Desktop Computer

Andromium can Transform your Smartphone into A Working Desktop Computer3

Our smartphones are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives and we can’t do much without them. Imagine being able to turn your smartphone into a full working desktop computer! A new product is coming out in the market that will do just that – it’s called Andromium and it can turn your Android device into a computer.Andromium can Transform your Smartphone into A Working Desktop Computer5

This is the evolution of computing. The Andromium dock is sleek looking, combining the best of Apple and Samsung’s aesthetics. The dock has three full-sized USB ports for all the accessories you would need on a desktop computer, including gaming devices. It connects to your screen using an HDMI cable and has an integrated power cord, so your phone is always charged. Andromium is a portable device and the best thing is its affordability.Andromium can Transform your Smartphone into A Working Desktop Computer4 Andromium can Transform your Smartphone into A Working Desktop Computer2

The company stated that Andromium’s software includes its own window manager, task manager, web browser, and video player. It works as ‘an entire Linux based desktop.’ It has a taskbar designed for a screen in landscape orientation, and provides full support for a keyboard, mouse and monitor. All of this is enabled through a combination of software and a custom dock with video outputs and USB ports. Andromium is also promoting its gaming capabilities. Players will be able to play Super Smash Brothers, Grand Theft Auto, and other games too. Andromium can Transform your Smartphone into A Working Desktop Computer

While in desktop mode, your phone can still receive calls, text messages and push notifications. There are many people who don’t have a desktop computer and use their smartphones for connecting to the Internet. There’s just so much browsing you can do on your smartphone. By enabling people to connect their smartphones to their TVs, they are able to use internet to the fullest. The user will be able to watch movies, edit spreadsheets, and create PowerPoint presentations all from their phone.
For $35, you can get a palm-sized charging cradle with an HDMI port on the back and access to “Andromium OS” as an app in the Google Play Store. Install the app, slap your phone in the cradle, and it will automatically switch over to a full desktop-style experience. Impressive, isn’t it?

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