American Airlines 737 Makes Emergency Landing After Mid-Air Engine Issues

Last Friday saw a near-crash, fortunately being safely landed. American Airlines recorded a statement over the incident saying that the Boeing 737 MAX flew for New Jersey’s Newark Airport notified for an emergency landing as the captain had to shut down one of the plane’s engines over a mechanical issue.

Fortunately, the crash landing was made safely without causing any harm to the aircraft or the landing site. “The American airline flight 2555 flew from Miami International Airport, recorded a safe landing at Jersey’s Newark airport,” said the airline.  

The possible issue was linked to the engine’s oil pressure, which wasn’t as fatal as when MCAS system-linked failure occurs, mostly causing a crash. Two crashes are linked with the MCAS system failures in the years 2018 and 2019.

Boeing said that it knew of the American flight, and the Federal Aviation Administration’ said of investigating further. American airlines are the first U.S carrier to re-operate 737 MAX flights the previous year following the manufacturer Boeing’s federal aviation authority’s approval of safety updates.

Steve Dickson, the FAA administrator, while clearing the plane to fly again, was confident that the aircraft was safe but also warned of ‘in-flight mechanical problems’ that could occur with any of the aircraft.

Dickson stated, “For that reason, it is inevitable that at some time in the future, a Boeing 737 MAX will turn back to its originating airport, divert, or land at its destination with an actual or suspected in-flight problem.”

He added that the Federal Aviation Authority evaluates all events that occurred to an aircraft, said: “It’s essential to differentiate between these routine events that happen with any aircraft and the acute safety issues that led to the loss of lives and grounding of the MAX.”

As per the insight provided by FlightAware, American airline took delivery of its MAX 737, the one with which the Friday incident happened from Boeing on 30th of December 2020. It was marked safe for future flights after having gone through extensive inspections.

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