Amazon’s New Smartphone Has 5 Cameras At Front And Has A 3D Interface


Behold as another business giant is all set for making an entry in the smartphone industry. As we all know, smartphones have become a necessity in our lives. The idea of life without a smartphone seems quite impossible now. However, when you set out to buy a smartphone, there are a myriad of options and they all will leave you baffled.
Amazon 2 But hold on to your horses, this article is about one specific smartphone which will be making its debut soon enough; Amazon’s Smartphone! It would seem that the pieces are fitting together for Amazon as it gets ready to launch its own smartphone. Oh and the reason why this smartphone is such a big deal is the news that says that the smartphone will come with a setting of front cameras which will render it capable of creating a unique 3D user interface. It would seem that Amazon has realized that competition that is in the market and has decided to enter the fight with a ‘don’!

WHoaAmazon wanted to make its smartphone special and for that, they have chosen a 5 front camera embedded system to create a glasses-free 3D user interface. This user interface tracks the user’s eyes and head movements. Four out five cameras will be infrared cameras that will be used in conjunction with sensors to come up with a 3D user interface whereas the last camera will be the regular front camera of your smartphone. With the information available so far, we know that the smartphone’s wallpaper will be shifted when the phone is tilted and the maps application will use a plethora of different 3D views. The best part about this technology is that using it, users will be capable of seeing the products at Amazon in 3D.

3D Smartphone amazon-smartphone-imageAccording to the news that is out there, the smartphone will come with 720p resolution a screen size of 4.7” with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor along with 2GB RAM and a 13 MP camera. A low price version will also be available for those who can’t afford to own the high end version. The Amazon’s smartphone will debut this summer. Seems like Amazon will enter the smartphone industry with quite a bang! Check out the video below for more:


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