Altra’s Halo Shoe Is A Real-Time Run Analyzer

Altra's Halo Shoe is a Real-Time Run Analyzer2

Altra has launched their new Halo shoe for runners recognizing it as smart shoe. How is it smart? Well, the aspects of the user’s gait is measured by Halo shoe and are sent to the user’s smartphone or iFit GPS Watch. Unlike those other gadgets that provide the analyzed data after the run, the Halo shoe analyzes the data in real-time and the results are provided to the user during the run. This functionality of the gadget allows the user to make adjustments during their workout.Altra's Halo Shoe is a Real-Time Run Analyzer

The main idea behind the product is to encourage the proper gait for running, the proper foot positioning and low-impact running. It is not like the other gadgets that measure your speed and distance; instead it goes for the cadence, foot-strike zone and ground force impact, focusing entirely on the gait of the user. The sensor installed in the mid-sole of the Halo shoes obtains the data and transmits the results to the connected smartphone or iFit Peak or Ridge fitness watch in real time.Altra's Halo Shoe is a Real-Time Run Analyzer3

“The opportunity with the Altra Halo shoe is real-time feedback as you run, so you can quickly adjust and improve your running form before bad habits take hold,” Altra’s VP of sales Brian Beckstead explained.Altra's Halo Shoe is a Real-Time Run Analyzer5

According to Altra, users usually get their gait feedback once a year if they are purchasing from a running specialty shop. Others who purchase online may never get the feedback and assistance in their running workouts. So there’s a hazard of damaging their bone structure, which may lead to more serious physical complications.Altra's Halo Shoe is a Real-Time Run Analyzer4

It is expected to be launched in the market later this year, with a $180 retail price. The devices compatible to the gadget like iFit Ridge and Peak GPS watches are also expected to launch in the following year. Both of these watches feature GPS fitness tracking capabilities, sleep monitoring and smartphone notifications. But the Peak GPS watch also contains heart rate sensors, an altimeter, a camera, a microphone, onboard music storage, NFC and wireless charging. Don’t forget to watch the video below and share your comments with us!

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