Watch US Navy’s New Electromagnetic Catapult Launch A Sledge At 180 Knots

Electromagnetic catapult us navy
Lo and behold; today, we present the incredible $13 billion nuclear-powered aircraft carrier which has been under construction since 2005! While the complete operations of the ship are still nowhere near completion, we were lucky enough to see its incredibly powerful electromagnetic launching system in action within our lifetime. While the aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford’s construction is going at glacial speeds; the sheer power of the launch system is certainly no joke. The Gerald Ford marks a new era for the U.S. Navy, giving it unique capabilities and a host of state-of-the-art features. The most remarkable among these features is the new electromagnetic catapult system.

Pic Credits: scout

The new aircraft launch system is more reliable and required less maintenance than the traditional steam-driven launchers. It has smoother acceleration, which shows that it would make the process of hurling planes into the sky a less arduous task. The muscle of the system can even launch larger and heavier aircraft, and shoot them down the runway at up to 180 knots.

The US Navy flaunted this Herculean catapult in front of a large crowd and cameras. The rather dramatic footage shows the crew hook up large truck-like sledges to the launcher and send them flying down the deck. Since they were merely rectangular objects with no care for aerodynamics, they didn’t exactly take flight like jets and didn’t plummet the exact 180 knots either.

Check out the technology in action below!

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