These Guys Microwaved An Airbag And Recorded What Happened Next In Slow Motion

The Slo Mo Guys are famous for their crazy videos and super slow motion footage, while attempting crazy feats. Same is the case in this video, where a microwave is used in the most destructive way possible!

Lesson learned from this video: don’t put an airbag in a microwave, unless you want to turn it into a speeding missile!

There’s no good reason to replicate the “experiment,”  unless of course, you have a Phantom Flex 4K high-speed camera, shooting the speeding microwave pieces at 2,500 frames per second. But, this surely is 1 vs. 1000 reasons not to attempt this anytime, anywhere!

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While this is all fun and games, how long until one of these types of videos get someone killed? The explosive power of an airbag is well documented, and these geniuses put one in a microwave in a clearly suburban backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the items blowing one after the other, but zero effort was put into doing this safely.

Obviously, the microwave wasn’t going to be able to absorb the explosion, so what did they think was going to happen? Either something shoots off it (the door), or stuff shoots in every direction. Once again, they are in a suburban backyard with houses all around. One must do such stuff on a farm or something, where there’s no one around to get hurt.

We all saw the door glass getting separated with humongous force! And the video makers are like, “Hey! Let’s do this in my small backyard! What could possibly go wrong? Neighbors? Nah, they love me, it’s fine.”

Imagine the damage if that would have hit someone on the other side of the fence. I have a kid and a dog in my backyard all the times, if my neighbors ever tried to do this, they’d have the cops on them. Dumb luck, they didn’t shatter windows of their own house windows.

Crazy stuff!

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