This Video Shows How WW1 Aircraft Used Sync Gears To Avoid Bullets From Striking The Propellers

Bullet Propeller

Ever wondered how those planes in World War 1 managed to unload their machine guns without hitting their own propellers? A new video from the Slow Mo Guys tries to explain the logic behind it as it filmed speeding bullets going in and around an aircraft’s propeller at 120,000 frames per second.

The video reveals how the sync gear in aircraft propellers helped in preventing disasters in the air, which allowed the fired bullets to pass between the blades rather than through it. This astonishing video was shot first at 28,500 fps and then at 120,000 fps.

The slow motion footage then showed what would happen if the sync gear was not applied, with all its magnificent anarchy and destruction caused by the bullets ripping the propeller of a WW1 plane model apart.

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