AI Has Answered The Age-Old Question: What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

In a whirlwind of philosophical intrigue, an unexpected hero emerged from the realm of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT, a renowned chatbot, stumbled upon a timeless enigma that has confounded generations: the chicken-or-egg paradox. Little did anyone anticipate that this encounter would ignite a storm of fascination, with over 7.5K upvotes on Reddit within a mere 24 hours.

The seemingly straightforward question of which came first, the chicken or the egg unravels the intricate tapestry of causality. ChatGPT wasted no time in providing a confident answer: “Egg.” When pressed for an explanation, the AI encapsulated the essence of the matter in a single word: “Evolution.” In this response, ChatGPT managed to distill a complex inquiry loop into its fundamental core.

The chicken-or-egg problem, originally introduced by Plutarch in the first century, serves as a metaphorical gateway to exploring the nature of cause and effect, the enigmatic realm of time and existence, and the perpetual cycles of life. This paradox arises from the perplexing circularity that while chickens hatch from eggs, those very eggs are laid by chickens, leaving thinkers, philosophers, and everyday individuals puzzled for centuries.

Fortunately, science has shed light on this age-old riddle. NYU professor Roy Sorensen philosophically explains that while we may not know the exact egg that hatched the first chicken, we can confidently determine that it predates the first chicken.

Scientists tend to agree with this viewpoint. Recently, Michael Benton, a respected paleontologist from the University of Bristol, emphasized that the quick answer to the chicken-or-egg question is indeed the egg. However, he acknowledges the intricacies that emerge when delving into technicalities, such as defining the specific type of egg being referred to.

Hence, ChatGPT’s concise response of “egg” withstands scientific scrutiny. The capacity of AI to inform, simplify, and even entertain appears limitless. Perhaps it is time for us to venture into more profound philosophical inquiries, daring to ask questions like the age-old mystery of why the chicken crossed the road.

Nevertheless, the revelation of such insights may surpass the current readiness of humanity, leaving us in awe of the potential AI holds for unveiling truths yet to be fully comprehended.

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