AI Has A Scary Prediction For What Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years

What the future holds for us is a question that many of us frequently ponder. Will we have space travel, teleportation, flying vehicles, or smart glasses for our smartphones? Many TV shows, films, and literature that portray a futuristic Earth have fueled our imaginations. Though, the reality is more horrifying than we could have ever imagined, AI has made it unnecessary for us to speculate about the future of humanity.

UNILAD created a series of images showing what it believes humanity will look like in 1,000 years using the AI program Midjourney. The results are nothing short of frightening. Although it’s not shocking that software created in the wake of technological developments would foresee a world in which robots will replace humans, the pictures are nevertheless disturbing.

The appearance of the faces in these pictures is particularly disturbing; instead of skin on our cheeks and foreheads, cables and other mechanical devices replace it, giving the faces a cyberpunk skeleton-like appearance. It’s also unclear how humanity could become wire-covered cyborgs. Is it a sign of how much technology will influence our lives, or will covering our faces with wires become the next big thing in fashion? Alternatively, after a thousand years of evolution, the picture could represent how AI itself could develop.

The good news is that the software didn’t predict everyone to become wire-covered cyborgs. However, the bad news is that even the more recognizable human faces don’t seem to be enjoying their future lives. Some faces in the next set of images don’t appear too different from how we look now, although they seem a bit more worn down from an existence entirely centered around staring at screens.

As you look at these images, you might be too preoccupied with the two faces in the middle of the bottom row, hoping that AI has gotten things horribly wrong on this occasion. We don’t know what horrors these two sun-fearing creatures endured to warp their appearance so severely. Could this be a dire omen of where society is headed, or did something more sinister occur?

AI might be mistaken about how the human race will develop in the future. In any case, we’ll never know unless we also figure out how to become immortal in the near future.

If looking at a picture of our future self isn’t enough to give you nightmares for a lifetime, AI has also recently made predictions about the appearance of future McDonald’s outlets and average man’s faces in various UK places.

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