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ADAMAAS Smart glasses Can Assist The Elderly And Weak In Their Day-to-Day Activities


We have seen various wearables that help engineers and workers carrying out specialized tasks on the factory floor or in the testing stage. The AITT system and Motorolla HC-1 are some of these high-end glasses that help us in these tasks, but what about the elderly and sick? They have their vision and decision-making reflexes compromised. That is what the initiative Adaptive and Mobile Action Assistance in Daily Living Lives (ADAMAAS) aims to do. It is developing tech glasses to help this cause.

The primary aim of the glasses is to not only provide visual and textual assistance to the elderly, but it also observe these actions and give feedback. For example, the gadget can not only help the older folks cook a meal, etc. but also give warnings to them in case of any mistake. This way they can be protected from themselves which is a significant issue with slower brains and limbs. Now they can continue tedious tasks with guaranteed safety monitoring.

Google Glass and its competitors also come with multitasking and multifunctional abilities. But not one of them is designed for the older people and their unique needs. ADAMAAS system will ensure that the older persons who cannot think as fast or multitask easily can take benefit from the rapid advancement of technology in wearables.

The project is currently undergoing at Cluster Excellence Cognitive Interactive Technology at Bielefeld Institute, Germany. The government recognized the progress of the team and the Ministry of Education approved 1.2 million Euro funds for the project. We hope to get a good product out of this team very soon.

It can also be used for the long-term health care supervision and diagnostics. The device is slated to have eye tracking, heart rate monitoring and memory research embedded in its system. So, it is much more than a wearable. It’s a life support system as a whole for the elderly.