These New AI Glasses Can Give You Superpowers For Just $350

Brilliant Labs, a startup based in Singapore backed by the creator of Pokemon Go, has introduced Frame, a groundbreaking pair of non-prescription glasses priced at $350. These innovative glasses are equipped with a cutting-edge multimodal AI assistant named Noa, redefining the concept of eyewear for the AI era.

The frame boasts an array of advanced features, positioning it as a pioneer in wearable technology. Powered by a series of AI models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4 and the Whisper speech recognition technology, Frame can process visual information, generate images, recognize and translate speech in real time, and perform web searches, among other capabilities.

The design of Frame pays homage to historical figures such as John Lennon, Steve Jobs, and Gandhi, known for their iconic circular spectacles. Brilliant Labs envisions Frame as a revolutionary device that embodies the spirit of innovation and ideas championed by these legendary figures.

While Brilliant Labs plans to integrate AI models directly into the glasses in the future, Frame currently requires pairing with a smartphone app for functionality. Users can initiate dialogue with Noa by tapping the glasses and speaking commands, enabling the projection of visuals and information directly onto the lenses.

Frame’s versatility extends to practical applications, such as assisting users with tasks like querying the web for information or nutritional data. Whether at a grocery store or elsewhere, users can prompt Frame to provide real-time insights and assistance.

Moreover, Frame is designed to be fully open-source, allowing users to customize and modify the device according to their preferences. Brilliant Labs emphasizes accessibility by making the design files, code, and documentation available on GitHub.

Brilliant Labs CEO Bobak Tavangar envisions Frame as a catalyst for fostering a healthier relationship between humans and technology. By integrating AI into everyday experiences, Frame aims to promote understanding, empathy, and genuine human connection.

Frame enters a burgeoning market of AI-driven devices seeking to reduce smartphone dependency. With its lightweight design and advanced functionalities, Frame presents a compelling alternative to traditional wearable tech, offering a seamless blend of innovation and practicality.

Preorders for Frame are now open on Brilliant Labs’ website, with shipments slated to begin mid-April.

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