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A Robot Could Be Reading Your CV For A Job. Here’s How To Make Your CV More Impressive For Bots


Did not get that interview call despite a well-written cover letter and a meticulously designed CV? You probably did not impress the robot reading your CV.

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Your CV may be dropped by an intermediate Robot even before it is seen by a hiring manager’s eyes. Many big companies today do not have the time or resources to assign people the task of going through a large number of CVs every day.

To cut the amount of work involved in the screening process, many companies today employ use specialized software and automated systems called Application Tracking Systems to screen thousands of job applications and only shortlist a few for the next stage based on a set criteria.

To make it to the hiring manager, you need to find a way to please the Robotic eye scanning your CV.

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Here are a few tips to make it through the Robocruitment process:

Keep it Simple

The next time you apply somewhere, focus on the simplicity and relevance of your job application and the robot reading your application will appreciate it!