Elon Musk’s One Page CV Show How You Never Actually Need More Than One Page

Elon musk


  1. Prashant Dave Reply

    What a man.

    Just think…this guy is changing the future all by himself.

  2. Rohan Rammohan Shinde Reply

    Please what will u suggest for fresher’s as m a fresh graduate mechanical engineer.. Pls let me know.. As in this resume there r ur professional experiences too but wat abt fresher’s.. Pls do let me know

  3. Samer Reply

    For real? is this a jock or what? based on what you wrote this article. How could that person rate his skills? based on what please? then i’m 5+ rating on all my skills. Dude get a life

    • Nikolai Tesla Reply

      No it isn’t a jock nor is it a joke. This is Elon Musk. The unstoppable champion that has a more positive influence on this Earth than any other living human.

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