Elon Musk’s One Page CV Show How You Never Actually Need More Than One Page

Elon musk

For all the recent graduates who are looking for a job and mid-career professionals that are in the process of a job changeover, making the perfect CV can be quite tricky. Every other person you ask will have a different opinion about CVs. One thing that many people don’t mind is the extra page(s) attached to the CV as it supposedly shows the extent of your experience. Let me tell you plain and simple; one page worth of CV is more than enough to showcase your abilities, qualifications and experience and all you have to do is to be smart about the layout of your document and use each inch of space very intelligently.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the one-page-CV phenomenon, Novoresume, an online resume writing firm aimed at changing the way resumes are made, made a sample resume of Elon Musk, the famed CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and PayPal. Here it is:


Now that is what a CV should really look like. Utilization of both halves of the page, use of some nice graphics, a nice color scheme and the most important of all, minimum wastage of writing space. So, you see that such a highly successful career like his can be summarized effectively inside on page and it al looks so good. Now your interviewer won’t have to shuffle pages around while keeping track of your employment history and interests. Also, there is plenty of cheeky stuff that gets into Elon’s CV like micromanaging and video games. It isn’t always recommended that you go for the cheek, but when you are among a hundred other candidates, it is sometimes needed to show that you are apart from that crowd. The resume service also features an impressive four-level self-rating system that allows the applicant to note down his key competencies in a numeric manner.


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  1. Please what will u suggest for fresher’s as m a fresh graduate mechanical engineer.. Pls let me know.. As in this resume there r ur professional experiences too but wat abt fresher’s.. Pls do let me know

  2. For real? is this a jock or what? based on what you wrote this article. How could that person rate his skills? based on what please? then i’m 5+ rating on all my skills. Dude get a life

    1. No it isn’t a jock nor is it a joke. This is Elon Musk. The unstoppable champion that has a more positive influence on this Earth than any other living human.