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WATCH: New Breakthrough EV Charging Tech By China Is Faster Than Pumping Gasoline

China: Breakthrough EV Charging Tech That Is Faster Than Gasoline

A brand-new idea that can transform the EV charging industry can be seen in this video.

Undoubtedly electric vehicles are an engineering marvel to behold in our era. The only thing holding them back is that their lithium-ion batteries take very long to charge.

Usually, cars spend an hour or so on the charging dock to fully reach, and it can reach up to a cumbersome eight hours on level two chargers to reach a full charge. This Is a massive hindrance for EV owners and the industry to reach its true potential.

The foremost agenda on the EV makers list is to reduce this time. So much so that even NASA has stepped into this domain to improve the charging time of EVs. Also, AI and machine learning have been incorporated to study how to make the charging process time efficient.

Nonetheless, the problem remains unsolved. Charging remains slow, and chargers are rare. One of the main reasons is that not many people own EVs and public charging stations are less distant.

How to tackle this situation? Tech Space China may have found the answer, as depicted in the video above.

What technology has China come up with? How innovative is it? Will it be available in other countries? The video has an answer to all these important questions.

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