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A Quiet Electric Leaf Blower Will Be Developed By Tesla, Says Musk

Quiet Electric Leaf Blower Will Be Developed By Tesla, Says Musk

Ah yes, here we are again with another news regarding Elon Musk. The guy is really putting it all out there, right? Despite being manufacturing cars, spaceships, and underground tunnels; Elon Musk cannot get enough. He has decided to bring another product in the market; quiet electric leaf blower.

As is the case with all of the announcements related to Elon Musk, this particular news also comes via Twitter. He has plans of developing a quiet electric leaf blower. Considering that this tweets don’t make sense sometimes, it is very easy to ignore this tweet but let’s not forget about the flamethrowers, shall we?

Musk is active on Twitter once again after a short break last year. The break came right after he was fined $20 million USD for a tweet that hinted at him taking Tesla private. Another social media highlight of Elon Musk is when he called a British national a pedophile on account of living in Thailand. Keeping all this aside, we do like the idea of a quiet leaf blower! Imagine getting that blissful Sunday morning sleep without having to worry about your neighbor going on with his leaf blower.

What gets us confused and curious is how in the world Elon Musk comes up with the time and energy for pursuing all of his projects – major and minor – while being the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and a father of five. Musk has admitted to being a workaholic and that it does require a long work week for getting things. He has also admitted to taking sleeping pills for the few hours of sleep that he is able to enjoy.

We shall find out soon enough if he is serious about developing a quiet electric leaf blower. It is obvious that the cult of Tesla is growing. Elon Musk has recently announced that Tesla drivers will be able to make around $30,000 a year by adding their car to a fleet of robo-taxis as soon as the cars go fully autonomous.

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