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Redmi Sends Its Note 7 To The Edge Of Space And It Returns With Stunning Pictures

Redmi UK is the UK division of the mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi. It has launched the company’s latest phone, Redmi Note 7, to the edge of space using a weather balloon and brought back pictures with it for proving the journey.

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, is gearing up to launch the latest device – the midrange smartphone, Redmi Note 7. In order to demonstrate the durability of the phone, the company’s UK division – Redmi UK – launched the Redmi Note 7 to a height of about 35 kilometers where the temperature was -60 degrees Celsius by making use of weather balloon.

A number of Redmi Note 7s that were part of this journey took multiple pictures and videos from the edge of the space. Once they had enough, they parachuted their way back to the surface of Earth along with their exceptional photography. There is some uncertainty as to which of the phones on the 3D printed rog took which photo but the promo sure is surreal and wonderful for a budget-level android smartphone.

The Redmi Note 7 will be going on sale this week in the UK with a starting price of about 179 pounds. What do you think of this amazing feat? Do let us know!