A New Cybertruck Prototype Has Been Unveiled – And It Is Getting Mocked Even More For Its Janky Looks

Tesla spent several months preparing for the Cyber Rodeo. It performed drone demonstrations, displayed a Texan flag with automobiles currently manufactured in the state, and displayed a recent Cybertruck prototype. In theory, it would be in excellent enough form to make a positive impression on the 15,000 people who attended the event. Unfortunately, multiple people demonstrated that this was not the situation. Ryan Zohoury provided the earliest (and most significant) proof of this. He posted a photo of the Cybertruck technology demonstrator driver’s window with a large gap and stated that the electric pickup truck is “within specification.”

Tesla Cybertruck prototype with massive panel gaps is mocked as within spec

The bottom of the door is connected with the remainder of the body in the photo, but it strayed from it as it approached. You may stick your hand close to the windows in the space they create when matched to the back door. Zohoury shows another image of an unfinished piece of the electrified pickup truck. We believe it’s the doorway. In response to Zohoury, Nick Thomas released another image of the Cybertruck’s A-pillar, claiming that “it is nearly surreal.” Aside from mismatched surfaces, we could see a gap in the steel material and corners that make you rethink whether you will cut yourself when cleaning the automobile.

Tesla CyberTruck design issues explained by renowned auto designer

To complicate things further, Twitter user Heikki provided a photo of the Cybertruck that displays a driving lever missing the airbag component and in a steering shaft that must be at least a foot away from the windshield. The rear wheel is also on display. Again, it’s acceptable for a technical vehicle, but not for something you really want to show prospective consumers – especially if it’s supposed to arrive a year from now, as Elon Musk stated. As expected, Tesla defenders jumped to the aid, claiming that it was merely a prototype, rendering the flaws tolerable. That would be true if they had developmental experts. Using them to demonstrate Tesla’s development thus far creates a negative picture, particularly given that the business can ship automobiles with severe gaps as if they were “within specs.” Notwithstanding the CEO’s repeated assurances, we have yet to see a manufacturing variant of Musk’s creative project, regardless of the company’s flagship demonstration.

A closer look at the Cybertruck prototype is provided in the video below.

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