A Four-Page Letter Autographed By Nikola Tesla Has Fetched $341,000 At An Auction

Tesla's letter

Nikola Tesla’s name was on full display at the recent Remarkable Rarities auction (RRAuctions), as his four-page autographed letter fetched 341,000 USD. This was a letter written by him evaluating his place amidst Edison and Bell. He has mentioned his own contributions towards some aspects of the inventions of the telephone in 1901. The letter can be viewed at RR Auction.

Nikola Tesla was one of the best innovators on Earth. He made vast innovations by the usage of his visionary intellect. He used to observe a lot before inventing something, and this letter was written to New York Sun editor “Paul Dana” in February 1901. It includes Tesla’s place amongst America’s important inventors, which became an essential part of the media landscape.

According to RR Auction, this letter includes the feelings of Nikola Tesla towards that initial telephone having beauty and the manifestations of force in a rotating magnetic field. Then he has mentioned briefly the Reis Telephone which is used to transmit musical sounds. Then he has mentioned Edison’s Telephone having the patents of King and Starr on the incandescent lamp. So he had made here a comparison that there was no rotating field before his own invention.

He found this interesting that Bell stopped virtually short whereas he and Edison made vast inventions along different lines and perspectives. He has mentioned the pros of Edison’s telephone being more practical. Then he had mentioned the comforts. He had focused on the amount of capital as well that a great deal can be done, for which amount like ten thousand dollars can be made in putting up telephones, but in power transmission, such an amount is just a drop in a bucket.

Then Tesla has mentioned some of the brief advantages of telephones by mentioning his own invention permitting the use of Sun’s energy in an almost economical manner. Tesla had also famously demonstrated the concept with his “Egg of Columbus” device at the 1893 Chicago World’s fair.


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