A ‘Floating Jellyfish’ UFO Reportedly Haunted A U.S. Base In Iraq For Years

In a recent revelation, a former intelligence analyst from the United States Marine Corps, Michael Cincoski, disclosed details about a mysterious unidentified flying object (UFO) that reportedly haunted military personnel in Iraq for years. The revelation comes in the wake of increasing interest and scrutiny of military UFO cases, with various instances ranging from giant red cube-shaped UFOs to fast-moving Tic Tac-shaped objects.

The UFO in question, dubbed the “Jellyfish UFO,” was captured on video and depicted a craft with dangling appendages gliding invisibly over a secure facility in Iraq. The footage, recorded in 2017 and leaked recently, showed the UFO only visible on infra-red cameras. Cincoski, who was stationed at the base during that time, described the phenomenon as a “ghost story of the base,” emphasizing that it didn’t appear to pose a direct threat but was nonetheless taken seriously.

According to Cincoski, the leaked 17-minute thermal imaging video was taken with a tethered aerostat, a blimp-like craft equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor potential threats over the base. After 17 minutes of observation, the UFO, resembling a “jellyfish” or “spaghetti monster,” reportedly vanished over Lake Hibernia in Iraq’s Anbar province. Despite efforts to locate it, the military personnel couldn’t find any traces of the mysterious craft.

Cincoski also revealed that he had heard from a fellow Marine team member who had multiple recordings of the Jellyfish UFO with varying durations. Some Marines were reportedly tasked with using night vision and other sensors to locate the UFO during the nighttime encounter.

The disclosure adds to a series of recent military UFO cases, contributing to the ongoing debate on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The authenticity of the leaked video was confirmed by UFO documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who received it from sources that “risked getting it” to him. The footage, according to Corbell’s sources, could only be seen on thermal cameras.

The Pentagon, when contacted for comment, acknowledged the outreach but did not provide specifics or confirm the video. Senior national correspondent for News Nation, Brian Entin, reported that the Marine, Cincoski, was verified as legitimate.

The revelation comes at a significant time, coinciding with a classified briefing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) scheduled in Congress. The briefing, set to be conducted by the Office of Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Thomas A. Monheim, indicates a growing interest among lawmakers for increased government transparency on extraterrestrial matters.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, in his documentary “TMZ Presents: UFO Revolution,” aims to investigate what he believes is the “biggest cover-up in the history of the world” regarding UFOs. The timing aligns with heightened attention from Congress, reflecting a broader societal curiosity about the existence of UFOs and potential government knowledge.

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