9 Uses Of Wallpapers That You Probably Didn’t Know

A few years back, using wallpaper was a novelty. Lately, wallpapers are in trend and are becoming popular with homeowners and interior designers all over the world. 

One of the reasons is because they are not only economical but they are also incredibly versatile. Here are some unique ways you can use your wallpapers for your décor.

1. Elegant Display Pieces

Metallic patterns love small spaces – like tiny display areas. As such, adding metallic wallpaper to your display spaces adds style and class to the room. 

When choosing a wallpaper to use on your display space, first determine what kind of items you need to be displayed. For example, floral patterns give the room a feminine vibe, while animal or city prints give it an exotic feel. 

2. Framed Piece

You do not need to rob a bank to buy an expensive designer painting. Framing your favorite wallpaper design will give you great results. A framed wallpaper adds a much-needed visual appeal without overwhelming the space.

On the January/February 2019 issue of House Beautiful, Interior designer Barrie Benson framed a wallpaper piece and displayed it on this home in North Carolina. The results left many people amazed. 

3. Table Topper

Does your coffee table look too plain? Spice it up with wallpaper. It might sound crazy, but decorating coffee tables with wallpapers works wonders for your interior décor. It is especially a great idea for furniture that needs refurbishing. 

This is a perfect DIY project to do with your kids. All you need to do is find a stylish wallpaper that matches your interior décor, place it on top of the table and cut it to the table’s size. Then fix the ends into place, and you are done. 

4. To Cover Imperfection

This is called the trick of the trade. An unattractive wall should no longer give you sleepless nights. Just style it up with your favorite wallpaper design, and it will disguise the imperfection and add flavor to your décor.

You can avoid the pressure of wall repairs and just spruce up your décor with this fantastic DIY trick. 

5. Living Room Walls Décor.

Nothing adds instant personal style than wallpapers on your living room wall. It is an excellent tool that packs a visual punch and gives an instant feel of your taste.

Wallpapers come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. There is something for everyone’s taste and preference. For example, wallpaper experts like the ones featured on https://www.photowall.co.uk/wallpaper/cities-places design cities-themed wallpapers that make people coming into your living room feel like they stepped into a different city.  

6. Inspire Dull Spaces

Wallpapers can be used to add style and color to dull spaces. You do not need to think too far about what décor pieces will improve your space. Just get a wallpaper customized.

For example, print patterns can make a huge difference in a plain room. Adding a pattern to the back on a plain white open shelf gives it life. Also, adding wallpaper to an arched entryway adds style and sophistication to the whole space. 

7. Style That Chair

Plain wooden chairs are boring. Why not turn that boring wooden garden chair into something interesting with some bold design wallpapers? 

Vinyl and vinyl-coated papers are waterproof and durable and can make your kitchen chairs pretty fun. These wallpapers are relatively economical and easy to apply hence perfect for a family DIY project.

8. Storage pieces

Don’t always use brown cardboard boxes or plastic containers for your storage. They give your room the nineteenth-century feel and are not fun anymore. To give your storage containers a modern and stylish look, why not cover your boxes with wallpaper. 

You can use any design and texture or even have your wallpaper designed to look like your favorite landscape or cloth design. 

9. On the ceiling

Staring at a plain ceiling when lying down is sometimes annoying. Putting a wallpaper on your ‘fifth wall’ will give the space more visual appeal, and if planned correctly, it complements your whole décor. 

Lately, interior designers and homeowners worldwide are becoming more adventurers and are now entertaining the idea of wallpapering the ceiling instead of leaving it bare.

It doesn’t have to be a big statement pattern. Adding subtle colors or soft textures like metallic works wonders to complement the whole room. Choose what works for you, and you will love its impact on your space.

Make More Use of Wallpapers for Your Decor

There are very few things in this world that are as versatile as wallpapers. Other than eat it, there are a lot of ways to use wallpaper both in and out of your home. 

Wallpapers make the perfect material for many DIY projects and can also be done as a family project. They encourage family bonding time.

So, it is time to jump into the trend and use these tips and tricks to make wallpaper a beautiful accent in any space.

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