9 Amazing Tricks Every YouTube Addict Needs To Know


YouTube is a black hole, and I mean that in the most admiring way possible. You go the website to watch one latest video, music, trailers and then suddenly it’s 4 am, you are on that weird side of the internet, and now you are watching the latest man-Romper fashion trend for no apparent reason. Billions of users just go to YouTube everyday to watch their favourite movies. I can still bet that you don’t know some of the tricks we are going to tell you here today. The following skills will help you stream through YouTube with more ease.


1. Access Youtube Video Offline

By using following steps, you can have the streaming saved on your device and in the case of lack of access to the internet, watch the already streamed videos offline. The following trick is for smartphone users only.

Credits: Tech Viral

Step 1.  Make Sure the YouTube app on your device is the latest version available on Google Play Store.

Step 2. With this latest version, your sidebar now has an offline option available.

Step 3. Click on the Offline option till there appears a Download button with each video.

Step 4. The selection of Download button will lead you to the ability to watch later, offline.

These steps will allow you to save the video for offline access later. When you do want to access that video, you can go to Offline option and play the video.

2. Share A Portion Of Video

YouTube provides you with videos that vary drastically in length, and you can share the video on your social networks with ease. Did you know that you can share a selected part of the video as well, instead of sharing the entire hour long content?

Credits: Tech Viral

Step 1. Start the video and notice the video time, pick the time between your favorite content, say it starts at 2 minutes and ten secs into the video.

Step 2. In the URL bar, at the end of the current address add #t=02m10s, and copy the entire link address. 

Step 3. Sharing the link with your contacts by pasting the link will allow your friends to start the video from that 2 minute and 10 second time frame.

3. AutoReplay Any Video

If you may want to repeat some music video while working and so far you had to go back to Youtube Tab again and again to replay that video; you need this trick in your life. Follow the steps given below to play that video till the cows come home.

Credits: Tech Viral

Step 1. Start the YouTube video and go to the URL bar replace youtube with ‘infinite looper’.

Step 2. Just hit Enter and the video will repeat everytime it ends.

4. Watch YouTube videos in slow motion

If you press down “SpaceBar” long enough, it will allow you the watch that YouTube video in slow-motion. Watch that Skater Kid fall in Slow-motion now.

Credits: Tech Viral

5. Create GIF With Youtube Videos

The YouTube videos can also be turned into animated GIF format, just need to follow the steps;

Step 1.  The video you want to Turn into a GIF format, open it. Simply add ‘gif’ to the start of the URL and press Enter.

Step 2.  The step given above will redirect you to another window where a Gif can be created and manipulated.

Credits: Tech Viral

6. Operate Youtube With keyboard

The much easier way to use the YouTube would be through Keyboard, right? Well, now you can.

Step 1. Go to the YouTube home page and right after https://www.youtube.com type “/leanback,” press Enter.

Credits: Tech Viral

YouTube can now be controlled through your keyboard.

7. Disable Annotations Permanently

The irksome annotations within YouTube can now be removed with two simple steps.

Step 1. In the URL bar of YouTube home page after www.youtube.com, insert “/account_playback”.

Step 2. Now disable the Show annotations and in-video notifications and Save the changes.

Credits: Tech Viral

GoodBye annotations.

8. Try Pressing ‘K’, ‘J’ and ‘L’

Control how you watch YouYube Videos with the following helpful step.

Step 1. Open the desired video, and now press “K”,  this will pause the video.

Much like the conversation pauses when someone replies with ‘K’.

Step 2. To rewind and fast forward the video for 10 seconds press “J” and “L” respectively.

Credits: Tech Viral

9. Use Numerics while playing videos

Control YouTube Videos using your Numpad. Open the video and press numeral on your device 1-9. See what happens.

Credits: Tech Viral

0 will bring you to the start of the video. The rest of the numbers 1-9 will take you to 10% -90% of the video.


Some other helpful tips are;

Press M to mute the video.

Increase or decrease the font of the caption by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘, respectively.


Enjoy and Have fun with the more customized use of YouTube.

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