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There are many fangirls and fanboys of various fanatic domains, be it; books, movies, celebrities, singers, bands, models or anime and you can have the HD One Piece Wallpaper on you r mobile phone and desktop. The people belonging to respective fanatic domains set their desktop backgrounds according to the events going on in the fanatic domain. For example, in the Harry Potter fanatic domain, most of the people have changed their desktop wallpapers in order to address and pay tribute to Alan Rickman as the fandom mourns unitedly for Alan Rickman’s death due to cancer. But despite all this happening, we have anime, it has it’s own fan base now which is pretty much established.

Anime; It rules the world, it is very trending, it is the up and coming genre, kids, teenagers and adults around the world are starting to like and acknowledge series from anime and manga. Since all the other fanatic domains have their desktop wallpapers set up with the characters or people on whom the fan base is totally based on, why not anime? More anime wallpapers should be used.

One piece is a relatively not very acknowledged or appreciated as a manga or anime, it started off as a manga which was serialized in a local magazine which began in 1997. It is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The setting for one piece is in an oceanic couple of populations which are separated by the red hill. It is inhibited by humans, fishmen (which are similar to mermen and are the cross hybrid of humans and fish), giants and humanoid monster-like creatures. The story is set after the execution of the great roger and revolves around young man Monkey D Luffy who is on the constant quest to find that One Piece so that he can proclaim himself as the king of pirates. Monkey D Luffy is highly inspired by the Red Haired Shanks. The story commences as Monkey D Luffy saves the life of a swordsman named Roronoa Zoro and then they become fast friends, and as they set out in search of the One Piece. They are accompanied by a theif whose name is Nami, They get more companions such as Sanji, the cheater and chef and Usopp the liar. While on their journey they come accross a ship named the Going Merry confront some pirates.

The color scheme of one piece is very interested. Monkey D Luffy wears a red unbuttoned shirt, a beige fedora with a burgundy ribbon and dark wash blue jean shorts fastened with a thick yellow belt. The backgrounds are all blue with skies and oceans. Roronoa Zoro wears green loose pants and has dyed green hair, he sometimes wears a deep green tunic. Nami has ginger hair and usually wears blue and white striped clothes. Sanji has blonde hair and wears a black suit with a light blue or beige shirt underneath. Usopp has a nose like Pinocchio, since he is a liar, he has black hair and wears a beige textured bandana with goggles and dark brown over shorts in early seasons and a white hat and mustard pants and carmine braces in later seasons. Make sure to set up a HD One Piece Wallpaper since it is really cool.

HD One Piece Wallpaper 23
HD One Piece Wallpaper 24
HD One Piece Wallpaper 25
HD One Piece Wallpaper 26
HD One Piece Wallpaper 27
HD One Piece Wallpaper 28
HD One Piece Wallpaper 29
HD One Piece Wallpaper 30
one piece wallpaper 31
one piece wallpaper 32
one piece wallpaper 33
one piece wallpaper 34
one piece wallpaper 35
one piece wallpaper 36
one piece wallpaper 37
one piece wallpaper 38
one piece wallpaper 39
one piece wallpaper 40
one piece wallpaper 41
one piece wallpaper 42
one piece wallpaper 43
one piece wallpaper 44

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