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Roses, the sign of love; roses, the sign of nature; roses, the sign of beauty; roses, the sign of purity! Rose Wallpaper for your phone

There are many kinds of desktop wallpapers readily available on the internet. Naturally, people might prefer putting up desktop wallpapers that mainly comprise of things that naturally occur around us. If you are not the kind of person who sets wallpapers of images of beaches and hill sides, you have come to the right place. What you could go for instead is flower wallpapers. Flowers are beautiful and can cheer up your mood every time you look at your computer. There are many kinds of flower wallpapers. We have orange flowers and the hibiscus species that give off the youthful vibes. We have lavender flowers and periwinkles for those who fancy the color purple and want to go for the delicate but adventurous vibe.

We also have rose wallpapers. The wallpapers that give a symbolic representation of love or pain. Roses are primitive symbols of beauty, grace and love. The word rose means red or pink in Greece. Roses were sacred to ancient mythical goddesses such as isis. Aphrodite was associated with roses as well. Roses have their importance in Islam and Sufi-ism. It is also associated with Christians because five petals of roses are associated with the five wounds of Jesus Christ. Rose is also the national flower of England.

Roses are beautiful flowers and they come in a lot of different colors but the most common color of roses is red. Roses can relate to Valentine’s day because roses are mostly gifted to loved ones on Valentine’s day. Rose wallpapers are also considered as love wallpapers for the same reason.

If you want to appreciate your loved ones, what better way to do that than put some roses up on display (or virtual desktop display in this case). If it is the month of February and you want to get more into the Valentine’s day theme, then you may as well put up some roses on that computer screen.

If you have no idea what wallpaper to put up and are still deciding, a simple image of a red rose among fresh green fields, it is great as a temporary wallpaper as well, it looks beautiful and is still better than a plain white or default Windows’ wallpaper.

And if you just are not the kind of person who works hard on finding the perfect wallpaper, then just use it as a permanent wallpaper. The options are endless, you could use roses as a print instead of an image, there are also images of roses with quotes on them. You can use live wallpapers of rose petals falling around your screen and what not?

Rose wallpapers are very beautiful and versatile as the legendary and amazing playwright, William Shakespeare has said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare has highlighted how pleasant a rose is. So if you want to change your wallpaper, put up a rose wallpaper!

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Rose Wallpaper rose8
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Rose Wallpaper rose10
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Rose Wallpaper rose11
Rose Wallpaper rose12
Rose Wallpaper rose13
Rose Wallpaper rose14
Rose Wallpaper rose15
Rose Wallpaper rose16
Rose Wallpaper rose17
Rose Wallpaper rose18
Rose Wallpaper rose19
Rose Wallpaper rose20
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Rose Wallpaper rose40
Rose Wallpaper rose41
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Rose Wallpaper rose43
Rose Wallpaper rose44
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Rose Wallpaper rose47
Rose Wallpaper rose48
Rose Wallpaper rose49
Rose Wallpaper rose50
Rose Wallpaper rose51


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