50 Beautiful Flower Wallpaper Images For Download

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Flowers and floral prints might seem to give off a grandmother vibe. Either that or you might associate it with basic girls like the Plastics from Mean Girls 2. But there is more to floral images. With a few modifications made flower images can be actually unique. If you’re talking about the desktop wallpaper or the desktop backgrounds which have a flower wallpaper on them then we can realize that back in the times of Windows 98, there was an option to set up a bright orange hibiscus flower against bright green leaves as a wallpaper option. So the most people who have a flower wallpaper for their desktop background, they usually have the Windows 98 hibiscus.

Windows 98 also had a beautiful periwinkle flower paper against lighter leaves. The flowers were purple and this was the lighter and less bright version whilst giving off similar flower wallpaper vibes. We can also see a black background along with roses and thorns which is a deeper floral representation of emotions and it is not as lighthearted. But nowadays with Instagram culture taking over, you have beautiful pictures of flowers everywhere. People nowadays mostly use the Instagram flower shots as their desktop wallpaper. These pictures are great because flowers can be effortlessly beautiful. Flowers are almost everywhere so they can be photographed easily. And flowers can be associated with different sort of styles.

If you want your desktop wallpaper to be effortlessly care-free and Bohemian, you can take bright yellow and orange flowers and put them on wooden surfaces or put them along with some magazines and photograph them. You can also make them look rustic with silk around them or you can adorn them with lace and ribbons. If you like to go a little Gothic then you can make a flower wallpaper as well! Roses work the best. If you are looking forward to a 90’s grunge vibe you can use any dark colored flowers, (red works too) and photograph them with choker necklaces or other things that go with the theme like T-shirts with slogans. The best way to photograph flowers is by focusing on the details of them.

Flower wallpapers can also be taken as casual shots. You can take a landscape orientation photo of your friend or a beloved person holding out some flowers. And then you can set it as your desktop background. What better way to show love for them? Or if you want your own photo as your desktop wallpaper then get a loved one to take a few snaps of you holding out your absolute favorite flowers. You can take some pictures with a countryside inspired background and setting and take some pictures of flowers in all fun ways. A great way to incorporate countryside with flowers is by using pictures of horses and flowers. Or you can add some plaid in there.

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flower wallpaper

Instead of using an actual image of a flower or some flowers, you can use some designs of floral prints which are easily accessible through Tumblr or Deviant art. Another amazing thing you can do is get live flower wallpapers of flowers. If you have Android, you can install a suitable application for live wallpapers and set some animated flower wallpapers on the home screen of your phone. The best part about flower desktop wallpapers is that it is very easy to find and are found online in great variety. It is mostly suitable for all sorts of different people. Another great touch you can add to flower wallpapers is that you can add inspirational quotes and also you can add song lyrics. If you like Maroon 5, you can definitely use their floral album cover. It does not matter if you are grunge or bohemian, flower wallpapers will not disappoint you.



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