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6-Year-Old South Korean YouTuber Just Bought $8M Property

Boram Is A 6-Year-Old South Korean YouTuber & Bought $8M Property

A six-year-old South Korean YouTube star, Boram, has millions of subscribers and recently bought a multi-million dollar, five-story property in Seoul according to reports. Boram has two YouTube channels; one is for toy reviews, whereas the other YouTube channel is meant for diverse video content.

She has become a local sensation with a total following of more than 30 million subscribers. During the start of 2019, the child star bought a five-story property in Gangnam. For those of you who are not aware; Gangnam is a high-end suburb of Seoul.

Boram Family Company has been set up by parents of Boram and as per public real estate registration document; a payment of $8 million was made by it. Among the most popular video of Boram is the video where she can be seen eating noodles that have been created by making use of a plastic toy kitchen. The video has more than 300 million views.

However, there are some controversial videos of Boram where she can be seen stealing money from a wallet or pretending to drive a car. These videos have managed to bring in some controversy, and people are actually questioning the impact of Boram’s actions on young minds. In fact, a non-governmental organization, Save the Children, has already filed a police complaint after it received numerous complaints from citizens.

The Seoul Family Court has already ordered parents of Boram to take a counseling course that is aimed at the prevention of child abuse. What do you think of this? While we do understand that it is a lucrative industry, and there is nothing wrong with a child being a YouTube star; some boundaries need to be set. The fan following of Boram include many children, and such videos could have a negative impact on them. That is why the responsibility falls on parents of Boram to make sure that the videos being uploaded are family-friendly and full of positive messages!