These 6 Machines Are Shaping Up The Modern Farming

Farming is one of the world’s oldest trades that relied on ancient techniques until technology revolutionized it. It is no longer a small scale production but has evolved into a big scale production that happens over huge areas. Let’s take a look at 6 modern machines that have helped in transforming farming into this amazing trade that it is today.

6. Automatic InRow Weeder

Weeding is a crucial factor when it comes to maintaining a good crop. If you let the fields overgrow, you’re practically inviting weeds and invasive species. The Robocrop InRow Weeder effectively and quickly tears up weeds without having to worry about damage to the original crop.

5. Olive Harvester

Harvesting olives can be quite demanding since they grow on trees and that’s where this amazing machine comes in; it shakes the tree, thus releasing the olives and making it easier to collect them.

4. Automatic Cow Milking Machine

When it comes to large-scale milking operations, it doesn’t make sense to milk them humanly. That is where the automated cow milking machine comes in that doesn’t require human input for its operation.

3. Small-scale Potato Harvester

This particular machine tills the dirt around the potatoes thus bringing them up and out of the ground. The video shows this technology being practiced with a small-scale machine but it is being employed on bigger scale as well.

2. Robotic Lettuce Harvester

Lettuce is quite a hard leafy green to harvest and requires hundreds of workers to spend days bending over and then standing up. The repetitive motion results in back problems. The lettuce harvesting industry finally opted for this amazing machine.

1. Carrot Harvester and Separator

The tow-behind carrot harvesting machine does what hundreds of workers would have to do in days. It increases the efficiency of the process while making it less cumbersome.

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