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5 Uses of Shaving Cream You Didn’t Know About

Shaving cream can be found in almost all houses without any exception. Although usually used for only shaving, there are many alternate uses of the cream that have been hidden from us. So, we have compiled a list of 5 uses of shaving cream that you folks didn’t know about.

5. Squeaky Doors

Take that shaving cream and apply it on the hinges. Make sure it works its way to all the creaks. There you go, no more squeaky doors.

4. Paint Remover

Working with paint and got some on your hands? Do not worry, apply shaving cream and wash your hand for about a minute to get rid of the otherwise sticky and hard to remove paint.

3. Stain Remover

If you’ve got a stain on shirt or on carpet, apply shaving cream and work it up to a nice leather. Wash the item and voila!

2. Getting the Shine back

If your faucet has lost its shine; apply shaving cream on it and work on it for a minute or so. There you go, the shine is back.

1. Mirror

Every one week or two weeks, wash your bathroom mirror with shaving cream to get a clean and sparkling mirror!

Check all these hacks out in a video here: