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Want To Become A Better Driver? Here Are 5 Things You Should Do

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It is a fact that no one can deny, everyone thinks of himself or herself as the best, most cautious, steady, and quick-to-react driver there! Although your self-confidence and admiration are laudable, it is never a bad idea to invest some time and get “even better” at something, especially if that concerns your life and the lives of others around you. Here are the 5 best tips on how you can be a better driver, even if you already are the best!

1. Take Defensive Driving Course

These online driving courses can save you a lot of money, both on your car insurance and when you start driving the car on the road. Things like knowing how to eyeball another car, how far ahead you should keep your car based on the previous car’s speed, the difference between a DUI and a DWI, is taught in these courses. These courses usually cost up to $35 only.

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2. Park With Precision

Parking is easy once you get enough practice, but even the most experienced of drivers may struggle while parking in tight spots or parallel parking. Below is a video on parallel, reverse, forward parking, and a detailed guide for parallel parking.

3. Don’t Drive When You Are Not Attentive

Inform yourself about the dangers of drinking and tired body. A serious lack of sleep will impair you just as much as a drunken driver. It is a fact that one out of every six fatal crashes involves a tired or unattentive driver. Just make it a rule of thumb, whether you are under the influence of alcohol, suffering from poor sleep, taking new medication, or simply under the weather effects, just stay where you are or hire a driver. It is safer for you as well as other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

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4. Know The Best Way To Merge In Traffic

It is indeed very frustrating when you see drivers having no sense of changing lanes. They cause inefficient lane merging, road rage, and eventually terrible accidents. To avoid such people, we need to realize that we must change our driving habits as well because charity begins at home! Some people are aggressive when changing lanes, while others take a more polite approach and change their lanes gradually and safely. The most efficient solution for lane merging is to embrace zipper merge. At the very least, be patient while merging but also be wary of the fact that you are not holding up an entire lane.


Courtesy: lifehacker

5. Handle Tough Driving Conditions Like A Boss

Hazardous conditions can take anyone by the scruff of the neck. The best bet is to wear out the conditions and only go out once everything is clear. But if you want to know how to handle tough conditions, here’s a detailed article on this.

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Got any more tips for improving a driving experience? Comment below!