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Mercedes Benz CIAA Changes Shape When It Speeds To 50 MPH

Mercedes Benz CIAA Transforms When You Speed It To 50mph 10

Check out the amazing features that it sports!

1. Yes, it Transforms!

The whole car transforms once you hit the 50mph!

This is how it looks when its happening.

2. The interior is ‘smart’!

Everything with an arrow pointing to it is a touchscreen, powered by Nvidia’s Drive supercomputer.

Check it out in action here.

Swiping your finger transforms the car as well.

3. The rearview mirror is really a screen that shows passengers approaching in this instance.

4. Not having door handles is no longer a problem.

It is however only a concept and we can only hope and pray that it makes it to the consumer market and makes it soon!

[Via Tech Insider]

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