5 Professional Selfie Editing Tips

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Social networks have made the process of taking photos and editing a routine. And don’t deny that sometimes the original image is very different from what you post on Instagram or Facebook. But don’t worry, it’s okay. Professional photographers lay dozens of layers to make their shots perfect. They also do not mind sharing some tips to improve your selfies.

For editing, you can use any convenient photo application. They all have a similar toolbox and almost the same interface. However, some operations may require additional programs.

Also, before moving on to tips, it is necessary to clarify that they are the base but not the requirement. They may be suitable for one person, but your unique solution may differ. It’s important to find and create an optimal workflow that is easy to copy and repeat so that you don’t spend all your time doing the same editing steps over and over again.


Face skin

To get started, use the available tools to get rid of skin imperfections. Wrinkles, bags under the eyes, uneven complexion and makeup flaws should be removed from a photo.

But make sure that your skin doesn’t look like a mannequin. No one has a perfect face, not even supermodels. It’s important to leave a few defects, to keep a natural look. In order not to cross the line, compare the edited version with the original regularly.


Be careful with your hair

Working with the hair structure in a photo is not easy. Photographers correct and improve the hairstyles of models in Photoshop using special techniques so as not to leave traces of retouching. When you edit selfies on your smartphone, it’s better to leave your hair as it is or just change it a little. You can add volume or remove protruding hair.

Don’t worry about a little mess on your head and better don’t try to fix it. Most likely, people simply won’t notice it. But if you aren’t satisfied with the look, it’s better to choose another photo.



If you show happy emotion in the photo, your smile is in the spotlight and it should look perfect. It’s impossible to achieve snow-white teeth in real life without special procedures at the dentist. But you can gain this when photo retouching https://retouchme.com/service/teeth-whitening/. Be careful when whitening, as it’s easy to overdo it and make the smile unnatural.


Add effects

Photo editing applications offer a wide range of settings that change the characteristics of the photo. The first thing you should do is adjust the White Balance to achieve the effect you want. Add a little Exposure if it seems to you that the picture is very dark. Increases or decreases Contrast and Saturation.

Adding the brightness doesn’t always help brighten the shadows, so use the special function if necessary. To make your selfie more interesting, use additional effects like Vignette, Grain, or Fading. 



This isn’t a required step, but can be useful. Photographers almost always add makeup to the model’s face in the picture after the end of the photoshoot. Instead of redoing the shot, add some eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. This will help to refresh the image or completely change it. But do not treat this as a universal solution and take time for real makeup.

Selfie editing may take longer than taking it, but it’s worth it. Experiment with settings and effects to find your style. Remember that despite the number of changes, the photo should look natural.

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