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5 High-Tech Gadgets That Keep Your House Clean

5 High Tech Gadgets That Help To Keep Your House Clean_Image 0

Spring cleaning is one of the hardest chores around the house. However, the technology once more has come to our rescue with high-end gadgets to help us with our daily cleaning rituals. The smart tech gadgets for cleaning are not only a favorite among the tech-savvy people but are also a hit with the who do not find time to keep their house clean.

Read on to know more about the top 5 best home cleaning gadgets that are easy to use and do not entail an exorbitant price-tag.


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iRobot is well-known for offering smart solutions for home cleaning.  The Roomba 790 vacuum has carved a niche for itself in the market; however, it does not come cheap. On the other hand, the Roomba 630 is priced at $350 and it is well worth the price considering that the home-cleaning gadget comes equipped with iAdapt Navigation to find its way around the changing layout of the home. Roomba 630 is based on a 3-stage cleaning model, equally useful for cleaning carpets, tiles, hardwood, laminate and more. You can get one here


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This hat shaped dust mop is the cheapest smart home cleaning gadget, priced at a mere $25. The RoboMop can clean dust effectively owing to the non-woven electrostatic pads that ensure that the swirling dust is also removed. The soft base design is the best feature to clean the corners and also makes the robot ideal for use in heavily furnished rooms where it will not damage the furniture by hitting sharply against it. You can get one here


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CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

The magic in this wand is courtesy of technology. It can be used to clean and eliminate germs, bacteria, and other allergens. Employing the state-of-the-art UV-C light technology, the CleanWave is priced at $44, down from the original price of$90. You can get one here


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This smart robotic vacuum by Bissell is priced at $199. The vacuum flaunts a triple action cleaning system with dual edge brushes, unique brush roll, and powerful suction to pick up dirt, pet hair, and debris, even along edges and in corners. The robot will help you to reach and clean all those areas that you cannot clean on your on. You can get one here


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Force of Nature

Priced at $90, this system cleans more effectively than any toxic cleanser using just salt, water, and vinegar. The electric current passing through the solution produces sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid to clean and disinfect.

Which is your favorite gadget for household cleaning purposes?

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