41 Tricks Every Engineer Dad Should Know


If you think parenting is tough, these tips are just the thing for you. These amazing tricks and tips will make your parenting life a lot easier and even fun.

1. Transform the drawers into bookshelves so there are less books lying around on the floor.

engineer_parenting_tips (43)

2. If you have twins, these rompers are the best way to let others (and yourself) tell the two apart.

 engineer_parenting_tips (42)

3. A baby lightweight stroller and scooter hybrid will make those afternoon trips more fun.

engineer_parenting_tips (41)

4. This reusable babysitter info sheet will make things easier for you and the babysitter.

engineer_parenting_tips (40)

5. Use this “Get Along” shirt to sort out sibling fights.

engineer_parenting_tips (39)

6. These fun tops should ensure that your kids brush their teeth

engineer_parenting_tips (38)

7. Use a simple stick-on hook to hang bibs from the back of a high-chair. This makes it easier to keep track of bibs.

engineer_parenting_tips (37)

8. Use a lint roller to pick up stray glitter.

engineer_parenting_tips (36)

9. Use the “Monster Spray” to get rid of any monsters under the bed and ensure your kids have a worry free sleep.

engineer_parenting_tips (35)

10. Temporary tattoos with contact info can help you find your kids easily if they get lost during an outing.

engineer_parenting_tips (34)

11. This mop style baby suit will let your baby help out in cleaning the house.

engineer_parenting_tips (33)

12. For long road trips, use a shoe caddy to keep snacks and activities in place.

engineer_parenting_tips (32)

13. A wad of tissue paper will help you teach your kids to hold a pencil properly.

engineer_parenting_tips (31)

14. Reuse the things your kids have outgrown to teach them resourcefulness.

engineer_parenting_tips (30)

15. An old DVD case can be turned into a Travelling Art Kit (another lesson of resourcefulness).

engineer_parenting_tips (29)

16. Split a sticker in half and put it on the inside of your kids’ shoes to make sure they put them on the right way.

engineer_parenting_tips (28)

17. Sprinkles can be used to turn boring foods into something fun and tasty.

engineer_parenting_tips (27)

18. Use this simple arrangement to keep your kids’ day organized.

engineer_parenting_tips (26)

19. By using the side flaps as grips, kids won’t spill juice by squeezing the box.

engineer_parenting_tips (25)

20. Instead of nails, use heavy-duty cable ties to attach the baby gate to the banister.

engineer_parenting_tips (24)

21. Use this trick to prevent your kids from falling out of the bed while they’re sleeping.

engineer_parenting_tips (23)

22. Use a box fan to make a simple fort.

engineer_parenting_tips (22)

23. The best way to remove a splinter.

engineer_parenting_tips (21)

24. Tie a blanket around a table to make a hammock for your child and let them nap while you work.

engineer_parenting_tips (20)

25. Use an empty bottle of lotion to make a faucet extender so the little ones can reach it easily.

engineer_parenting_tips (19)

26. Make sure chores are completed using this trick.

engineer_parenting_tips (18)

27. Insert an upside down crazy straw to keep your kids from pulling it out of the cup and spilling their drinks.

engineer_parenting_tips (17)

28. Teach your kids this trick to make eating strawberries easier and fun.

engineer_parenting_tips (16)

29. Use socks to keep the toilet seat warm for night-time use.

engineer_parenting_tips (15)

30. Make it easier for your little ones to take their medicine by cutting a hole in the pacifier and attaching a dropper.

engineer_parenting_tips (14)

31. Use cardboard to turn the stairs into a slide (use with caution).

engineer_parenting_tips (13)

32. Make tooth fairy money so your kids aren’t sad about losing their teeth.

engineer_parenting_tips (12)

33. This technique will keep your kids mess-free while enjoying popsicles on a hot day.

engineer_parenting_tips (11)

34. A cool hat will keep your kids warm and be fun for them to wear.

engineer_parenting_tips (10)

35. Give your baby a tear-free bath with this Baby Shower Cap.

engineer_parenting_tips (8)

36. Use a laundry basket to keep bath toys in your baby’s reach.

engineer_parenting_tips (7)

37. Microwave two meals instead of one using this simple trick.

engineer_parenting_tips (6)

38. The correct way to arrange cheese in your child’s sandwich.

engineer_parenting_tips (5)

39. Use a glitter/water bottle to make time-outs more effective. Fill the bottle with 3/4 water and add a bottle of glitter glue and fine glitter. Flip the bottle, and once the glitter settles the time-out is over.

engineer_parenting_tips (4)

40. Use a part of a pool noodle to protect your child’s fingers from getting caught in the door.

engineer_parenting_tips (3)

41. Turn chores into fun games.

engineer_parenting_tips (2)


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