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32 HD Free Boston Wallpapers For Desktop Download: The Historical and Intellectual Capital

Boston wallpaper 6

If you are planning a trip to America, one particular city that has a rich and varied past, and many cultural attractions to offer, is the city of Boston. Named after Boston in Lincolnshire, UK, it is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts, and in the greater New England area, meaning it has a wealth of entertainment and cultural attractions appropriate to a city of its size. It has an estimated population of 646,000 in 2014, and over 12 million people come to visit Boston each year.

Maybe you have been tempted by seeing Boston wallpapers on an internet site and wish to see for yourself what it is like. I do not think you will be disappointed. Boston is one of America’s oldest cities, being founded in 1630, and the city has been at the forefront of American history at various points, its most famous historical event being the Boston Tea Party, in which large quantities of tea were thrown overboard in protest of the British rule.

For more up-to-date attractions, it has a famous marathon run each year, which tours the city sights. For a big city, the air quality of Boston is generally very good. It also has a relatively low rate of crime. Boston is well known for its culture, a fact that has earned it the titles, the “Athens of America” and “the intellectual capital of the United States.” It is also home to many sports teams, one of the most famous being the Boston Red Sox.

There are many reasons to come to Boston so, if you have seen the sights that Boston has to offer on any Boston wallpapers, maybe one day you will be able to visit and take in the sights and sounds for yourself and see all beauties depicts its culture in wallpapers.

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Boston wallpaper 6



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