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Wakeboarding on Cargo Containers Is As Scary As It Sounds

Dominik Hernler

Dominik Hernler wakeboarding at Wake Crane Project in Pula, Croatia on September 22, 2016

Wakeboarding is fun; who doesn’t like to watch the daredevils perform cool tricks as they slide across the smooth water surface. But wakeboarding on cargo containers is taking the thrill just too far!



You might find the idea of a reckless hothead wakeboarding on cargo containers a sensationally exciting experience yet, the risk factor is too high. You can watch the video below; just don’t try it anywhere!



Dominik Gührs, Dominik Hernler, and Felix Georgii designed a 360° rig. Their prototype, dubbed the ‘Flying Obstacle’, uses a life-size crane as a tow cable and was developed in collaboration with the Red Bull. The platform was set up in Pula, Croatia and it features seven shipping containers. A 40-meter-long Link Belt LS-108C crane is also a part of the setup.

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