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Irish Beach Appears After Its Disappearance 12 Years Ago

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We have all heard of Atlantis, the lost city. It is believed to be an underwater city now but it has never been found. This Irish beach, however, disappeared 12 years ago and is now back. The island of Achill, off the coast of Ireland, saw its beach disappear 12 years ago and the inhabitants were sad in the beginning but everyone got used to it in the long years. Now, it is back without warning and people are rejoicing at its return.

Ashleam Bay beach was not the only Irish beach to have pulled off the disappearing act. Another beach in Achill disappeared way back in 1984. The beach at Doonagh is located only six miles away from Ashleam Bay. It made a sudden appearance as well, earlier this year. All the sand was blown away by a storm and only left behind rocks.

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The number of storms in the past had cleared the coast of Ashleam bay of most of the rocks and boulder, and the Storm Brian was the final piece of the puzzle as it replaced all the debris with a thick layer of sand. The locals know the legend of Ashleam Bay that it returns for a short while every seven years. It might have lost track of the years this time around but it’s finally back.

(Source: The Irish Times)

“There is local folklore that stretches back hundreds of years that says this beach comes back every seven years then disappears again. It was last seen in 2005 and it stayed away for a few months at that time before it was washed away again,”  Sean Molloy of Achill Tourism said.

The people are overjoyed at the return of their beloved beach and are making the most of the time they have with it as it could pull off another disappearing act.

“I’ve been to visit the beach. It was the first time I was ever down on that part of the shore, even though I’ve been here all my life, and I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. It’s absolutely stunning, it’s a new favorite spot for me now. I don’t know how long it will be there, but I encourage anyone who is around to go and see it while it’s there,” Molloy added.

(Source: The Independent)

Even though people say that climate change is what is responsible for the disappearing of the beaches in Achill but Dr. Kevin Lynch disagrees. He is geographer at NUI Galway and has told the Irish Times that after lengthy studies, climate change impact can be ruled out and these occurrences are a result of hydrodynamics and sediment supply.

“In Dooagh’s case, the wind direction changed the hydrodynamics of the bay and may have washed in an offshore sandbank. This may be similar for Ashleam, and it could be that erosion on one part of the coast has provided a new sediment supply,” said Dr. Lynch.

People couldn’t care less about what’s causing the disappearances. They believe in their legend are just glad that the Irish beach is back. You can watch the video below:

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