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3 Cool Magic Tricks That You Can Do With A Pen


The term “magic” usually refers to the slickest and most subtle of gestures and actions that portray an illusion of something absolutely fascinating happening. And while we are still gullible to believe in magic, it is mostly about how well practised you are with your hands.

Pic Credits: microexplosion

Today we will share with you three easy yet impressive “magic” tricks that only involves a pen and your hands. A YouTuber Oscar Owen shows really slick moves using which he makes the pen disappear, makes it appear out of nowhere, and makes it look super small all courtesy the sleight of his hand.

Watch the video and get mesmerised!

As you would have seen by now (assuming that you saw the whole video), Owen also gives a breakdown of each of the technique from the alternate angle, and as expected, all them only involve super slick finger movements. Of course, you will need to do A LOT of practice before you can get this convincing!

Have any other cool “magic” tricks? Share them in the comments section below!

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