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Watch This Video To Learn The Physics Behind Skyscrapers Which Keeps Them From Shaking

minutephysics explains why skyscrapers dont fall

No one has ever seen a skyscraper swaying in the wind or during an earthquake. The reason behind this is something called tuned mass dampers. The YouTube channel Minutephysics has explained how the phenomenon works, using Lego space set. The clip’s description states, “This video is about Tuned Mass Dampers, which can be used to reduce or avoid unwanted vibrations, swaying, swinging, bending, etc. on engineered structures ranging from buildings, skyscrapers, electric power transmission lines, airplane engines, formula one race cars, etc. TMD’s use damped coupled oscillators.”

The tuned mass dampers are also known as harmonic absorbers or seismic dampers. These are intelligent devices mounted in high structures and even on power transmissions like formula car engines or planes. This helps to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. The channel Minutephysics calls it mass dampers. The physics on how to use the little things to keep the vast structures under control. Watch the video to learn how this phenomenon works.

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