25 Wall Design Ideas For Your Home

25 wall design ideas (14)

Although wall coverings and treatments are considered old-fashioned and traditional, the treatments and wallpapers of today are beautifully modern and attractive. Despite their bad reputation, wall stickers, wallpapers, murals and decals are a perfect way to add color and new look in a major way — though keeping the balance between gaudy and beautiful is often quite a challenge. Wall treatments and designs aren’t just functional but have warmth and soul.

There’s a saying in the designing world that every wall is a blank canvas. But if your walls just a little too blank and dull lately, take heart and time out because these days designer showrooms are flooded with rich and bold colors, unusual textures, and modern patterns that every average homeowner can afford. Today people are trying to be more experimental and creative with their walls as playing with the wall surface gives a more dynamic and lively look.

Are you sick of staring at the lifeless and empty walls of your house? Give your walls a new life and dress them up with the wall coverings and treatments. Wall art, treatments, claddings, wallpaper and molding will bring character, flair and style to your walls. Adding personality and style to any room in your house Paints, wallpapers, decals, and more can bring excitement and meaning to your rooms. Unique wall finishes and treatments can turn a basic simple wall into a work of art and center of attraction. Following are some freshest and interesting ideas for your walls.

Try a fashionable color

For decades natural shades like beiges and creams have been a popular choice as they go with anything, and work as a great backdrop that allows furnishings and accessories to shine. But today beiges are being nudged out of the spotlight by colors like gray, bright red, flashy yellow, fiery orange, fresh pink, rich purple and classic blue- all can turn your basic wall into an attractive and   statement wall if applied skillfully and brilliantly .Even black is being rapidly adopted, making a surprise appearance in dining rooms, hallways and bedrooms with white woodwork and accessories.

Paper Route

Wallpaper is one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform an accent wall in the bedroom, kitchen, powder room, living room and more. If you’re thinking of a change from paint to wallpaper, first consider what suits your room perfectly. If your room is full of colors and patterns already, you must go for a subtle wall covering, like neutral grass cloth or a one-wall mural, stencil or decal. If your room is in a major need of some brightness and color then don’t be afraid to cover all the walls with a vibrant bright pattern .You can even add a wallpaper border around the room.

Play with stencils

For those people looking for less commitment then there are wall stencils and decals as a popular alternative as very intricate, good and stylish stencils are available. Stencils have come a long way and have more versatility than wallpaper. These days there are so many great and amazing stencils in the market that can really turn your basic plain wall into something fantastic and extraordinary. Stencils can be applied on a focal wall very subtly as a backdrop using sheen and matte, white on white or glaze instead of paint or a feature with a bright color and a bolder presentation. Just don’t go overboard and always try to do things with different scale and intensity as everything can’t become a focal point or take center stage.

Stones and Pebbles throw

This a very old and simple yet attractive finish obtained by pasting small stones ,marbles or pebbles on the walls with cement as an adhesive. This finish is usually preferred for exterior facade. It is also commonly used to give nice moving and flowing effect to the waterfalls that are especially designed for Interiors or as a part of exterior landscaping.

Tile Cladding

Different tiles like granite, marble, wooden, glazed tiles, textured tiles or vitrified tiles are used for tile cladding. Tiles are available in a variety of textures, shapes and colors. The selection of tiles greatly depends on the place where it is to be applied i.e. interior or exterior façade.

Wood Paneling

It is a most old and long lasting decorative treatment done with wooden panels on the walls in various shapes, colors and designs. The material used can be wood covered with laminate or veneer or plywood depending on your choice and place where it is being applied.

Below are 25 ideas for designing the wall of your house.

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