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25 Uses Of WD-40 You Didn’t Know Before

WD-40 Uses

Its a well known fact that WD-40 is a lifesaver for engineers in tough situations. We usually make use of WD-40 to get rid of a squeaking door, however, there are myriad of other uses. We have compiled a list of 25 such uses today. Go on and enjoy the list.

25. Anti-Fogging

24. Prevent Rust

23. Restores and cleans roof racks on vehicles

22. Umbrella Lubrication

21. Window operations made easy

20. Clean and Polish that Slide

19. Prolong Scissors’ Life

18. Ceramic and Marble floors

17. Cleaning Glass Shower

16. Keeps terracotta pots from oxidizing

15. Cleaning and Polishing Barbeque Grill

14. Remove Water Stains

13. Untangle Chains and Jewelry

12. Softens Zippers

11. Taking off that Ring

10. Lipstick Stains

9. Restores and cleans chalkboards

8. Anti-Flies

7. Shiny but not Slippery

6. Lubricates guitar and Ski Equipment

5. Road Tar and Grime Removal

4. Anti-Squirrel

3. Ink Stains

2. Protects silver

1. Stove Cleaning


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