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25 Perfect Powder Room Design Ideas For Your Home

Nothing can make guests feel more comfortable and welcome than a stylish and elegant powder room. Even though a powder room is one of the humblest and simplest places in the house, its placement near the living room makes it one of the most regularly used. Moreover, it can be a show-piece for visitors who will certainly use it. Powder rooms are great because they add convenience for guests and it removes the need for guests to snoop and sneak around in your main personal bathrooms. A powder room is quite tricky in designing since it’s usually small and can only house a sink vanity and toilet, but there’s a lot you can do by using clever and fashionable accessories. A half bath is so small that too many touches, textures and patterns can quickly devastate the space.

Designing a Powder room can be fun because it’s a small room so it doesn’t take much money or effort to make it a good-looking room. Consider a powder room as a “jewel box” — its small size actually makes it a perfect room to make bold and daring design statements that stand out to guests. Whether it’s painting a bright color, stenciling a decorative motif on the walls, or installing a chic tile backsplash, the decorating opportunities in a powder room are infinite and you can actually go crazy.

When designing a powder room, the focus should be on the mirror, vanity, basin, spout and walls.  With investment into worthy items and thoughtful designing, you can easily convert your small bathroom into an oasis for your guests. Go for Bold shades like red, navy, green and even black work fine in this small space. Cuddle the room’s small size and go for drama instead, a bathroom doesn’t always have to be huge to be effective and attractive. To make a powder room welcoming and warm, accessorize. Add art to walls, arrange small pieces on the countertops, and little treats like rich lotion and finely minced soaps for guests to use, put dim lights, lit a delightful candle, and when someone asks to use the bathroom say a big yes, without reluctance.

Below are 25 pictures of powder room designing ideas, from extravagance to simple. Convert your powder room into a picture-perfect haven with these classy decorating ideas.